Launching version 2.2: Twitter Integration

A couple of days ago we launched ScienceSeeker version 2.2, initially this update was meant to be only for backend enhancements and fixes, but we couldn’t resist and ended up including some interesting new features. For a while we have been talking about the things we would like to add to the site, and integration with social networks has always been one of our topics of conversation, now we have taken the first step.

Twitter Integration

The new Sync Twitter button

If you have an account, you might have already seen the “Sync Twitter” button, it will take you to the synchronization page where you can sync your account to Twitter with just a few clicks, this will allow you to tweet your notes directly from our site, and be added to the ScienceSeeker member list to have your tweets show up in the sidebar

Tweeting note

You will have the option to select if your notes will be tweeted or not, the post's URL and blog's Twitter handle (when available) will be added to the tweet. There's a new field in “Your blogs” for you to tell us your site’s Twitter handle, you can use your personal Twitter account if you don’t have one specific to your site.

New Twitter feed: @SciSeekNotes

As a part of our Twitter integration, there's a new way to find out what everyone's been saying about posts on ScienceSeeker, the @SciSeekNotes Twitter account. This account tweets whenever anyone makes a note on a ScienceSeeker post, so you can find out which posts are generating conversation here.

@SciSeekNotes is one of four ScienceSeeker twitter feeds. The others are

  • @SciSeekEds - Tweets every Editors' Pick from ScienceSeeker

  • @SciSeekFeed - A tweet for every post on ScienceSeeker (prepare to drink from the firehose!)

  • @SciSeeker - The official ScienceSeeker feed, for news and announcements.

Improved submission process

We simplified the submission process, new sites can now be added without an account (you still need to log in to claim and edit your sites), just give us a link — ideally the home page — and the server will automatically fill the form with the information it can find, you can edit anything in the next page before clicking the submission button.

New site submission tool.

There’s also a new way to submit new sites, you can get the new ScienceSeeker bookmarklet to add the sites by just clicking a button.