ScienceSeeker's new design keeps posts from the sites we aggregate flowing - bookmark us now!

by Andy Extance, ScienceSeeker Editor-in-Chief

If you look to the left of this post, you'll see that ScienceSeeker has now integrated a feed of links to posts from the sites that we aggregate. By now we bring together over 2,400 sites, so the chances are that every time you refresh our site the feed will have new content. So if you're getting bored of social media sites and want new (mostly) science-based material to entertain you, we hope we will always be able to give you what you're after. If you haven't already, bookmark this page and come here when you're wondering what's new in the world. Does this layout work for you? Any thoughts on how we could make it better? Then please comment below.

I think this step offers a better service to the sites we aggregate, bringing all their latest posts to you as soon as they're published. It's a service that we and other science blog aggregator sites used to provide, but which we lost when we moved to this design a few years ago. Overall this is part of an effort to build up ScienceSeeker's impact some more. Having been editor for three years now, I think the processes and team we have are doing well. Time for the next steps!

Oh, and one more thing: If you write a science blog, don't forget that our awards are now open! Enter here for the chance to earn bragging rights and a shiny badge for your website!

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