What happened to there being 'life' on Venus? Can doing less exercise help you become fitter? Find out in ScienceSeeker's picks of the best posts for the week of March 15 - 21 2021 #SciSeekPicks #SciComm.

Welcome to an exciting space-themed edition of your weekly roundup of science news from around the world. This week, discover the explosive secret hiding at the heart of dead stars, and explore how extreme microbes help us learn about outer space. ScienceSeeker editors' favourite posts within their respective areas of interest and expertise also cover many other important and exciting topics. Why not have a read, inform yourself, and indulge your scientific curiosity?

A measurement error in the original paper meant that the authors overstated the amount of phosphine in Venus' atmosphere.
Credit: Kevin Gill via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
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