The Future of ScienceSeeker: Please Take Our Survey

As many of you know, ScienceSeeker was a project of ScienceOnline. When the Board of Directors announced in October that ScienceOnline would cease operations and cancel the 2015 conference, we were happy to announce that ScienceSeeker would stay in business.

...and we're still happy to announce this! But as we move forward, it's time that we explore more sustainable options.

How do you use ScienceSeeker? Which features are your favorite, and which could you do without? We are considering cutting back on a few of our services, and we'd love your input.

Please take this very brief survey to share your thoughts with us. The ScienceSeeker editors and technical team look forward to working with our users during this transition to ensure that ScienceSeeker continues to be a useful resource.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments. THANKS!


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