ScienceSeeker Seeks Science-Savvy Editors

ScienceSeeker is now one year old, and we've made some great strides in the past year. But in the next year, we're planning even more. We're about to get a whole lot more interactive, and we need people manage all that interactivity.

With over 900 blogs and hundreds of posts indexed each day, ScienceSeeker can sometimes be rather overwhelming. To help visitors sort through all that information, we'll be relying both on our readers and specialized volunteer editors. We expect this new functionality to be ready within a few weeks, so to prepare for it, we need to sign up editors now.

The primary job of the new editors will be to share their favorite ScienceSeeker posts. They'll select five posts a week from blogs covering their areas of expertise, and readers will be able to view those posts on our site or subscribe to a feed of just the recommended posts. We expect this to take just a few minutes each day.


  • An active online presence on a blog and / or social networking sites like Twitter, Google+, and FaceBook

  • We don’t require that our editors have PhDs, but the candidates we select will have demonstrated expertise via their blogging or other publication record.

  • Enthusiasm for science

If you’re interested in the job, please email dsmunger@gmail.com with a paragraph or two about why you would like to be an editor, and provide a link to 2 or 3 of your own online posts about science that you feel are especially good. Link your social media feeds and other relevant sites, if any. You may attach or link to a curriculum vitae.

Editors will be permanently listed on ScienceSeeker.org, so this position will make a great addition to your CV. We will select the new editors by February 1, 2012.

18 Jan 2012: Updated to indicate the editorships are volunteer positions.