Launching the ScienceSeeker search API

ScienceSeeker API logo

Today, we are launching version 2.1 of ScienceSeeker. We have enhanced the site in many ways, but the big new feature is our new search API. You can use this tool to find anything in our database of over 1,000 blogs and 120,000 posts. We added a variety of options to let you sort by things like title, summary, number of recommendations, or even posts talking about a specific peer-reviewed article.

This release provides the foundation and most basic feature: search functionality. It can be used by developers interested in creating something using ScienceSeeker; we are planning to release a user interface for it shortly.

Here are some of examples of the things you can do with this new tool:

For more information about the search and filters, and how you can use them in your application or website, visit our API documentation page or contact us for questions and requests.