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What is ScienceSeeker?

There are thousands of science blogs and news sites around the world, written by active scientists, journalists, professors, students, and interested laypeople. But until now, there hasn't been a good way for readers to sort through all of them. There are dozens of blog collectives, many sites that organize some of the information in the blogs, but none that attempt to encompass the entire range of science reporting, analysis, and discussion taking place at an astonishing pace, worldwide.

ScienceSeeker is designed to fill that void. Since 2012, we have collected over 2,400 blogs and other science news sources in one place, and invite you to submit even more. Our goal is to be the world's most comprehensive aggregator of science discussions, all organized by topic.

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The ScienceSeeker Team


Andy Extance is our Editor-in-Chief. In addition to his duties managing the editorial pool, he is responsible for updating our Facebook page and managing our Twitter account (@SciSeeker). Andy fuses chemistry and physics – and whatever other elements cross his desk – into words, thanks to a career infused with both fields. He’s now a freelance science writer working for many outlets, having previously been news editor for Compound Semiconductor magazine, when it was owned by Institute of Physics Publishing. Before becoming a professional writer, he worked in industrial chemistry, briefly making adhesives after spending six and a half years working at Tripos Discovery Research, an early-stage contract pharmaceutical research company. He previously ran a 'spare time' climate change blog, called Simple Climate, though this is now mostly another place where he shares others' worthy efforts. Andy is also director of Exeter Empirical and on the board of the Association of British Science Writers. You can follow him on Twitter @andyextance.

Raphael Ndem is our Photo Editor, and manages our Google+ page. Raphael is a tech enthusiast who appreciates the wonders of computers & gadgets. Completing a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Science at a young age furthered his interests in the field of biology, and degree projects involved the use of bioinformatics tools for predicting the secondary structures, and trans-membrane regions of proteins, which allowed him to apply his passion for technology in biomedicine. He also manages the audio or lighting for amateur theatre productions.

Wes Wilson is a molecular biologist in Australia, whose work is focused on proteins involved in breast cancer tumorigenesis as well as previous studies on the epigenetics of tumor progression in pediadric brain cancers. He has a passion is for the health sciences and occasionally blogs over at MostlyScience to help demystify evidence based medicine. Wes is also an ardent programmer and developer and sits on one of the organizing committees for Hacking Health, where both his interests collide. Wes makes picks in the category of academic life. Follow him on Twitter @WesleyWilson.

Thanassis Psaltis is a Physics graduate student at McMaster University in Canada. His research interest lies in the area of Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics, the study of the origin of the elements in the cosmos. When he is not smashing nuclei using big machines to find out what are we made of, he produces/presents shows in W.J. McCallion Planetarium and participates in several science communication initiatives. Thanassis makes picks in the fields of art, photography, physics and general science. You can follow him on Twitter @psaltistha.

Pranab Chatterjee is a public health doctor from India, who believes healthcare access should be universal. When he is not wrangling with infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance and public health in India, he is busy clicking bad photos, or planning exotic trips. He has been blogging on and off, for over seven years, at Scepticemia but now is more active on Twitter, where you can catch up with him @Scepticemia. He is making picks from our health, medicine and social sciences bundles.

Mateen Ahmed is presently enrolled at UET, Lahore, Pakistan. Apart from pursuing a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering he has a passion for communicating science to the general public. He relishes programming, research, teaching and cuddling his cat. He feels everyone has the responsibility to explore nature or help in its exploration. In his free time he designs circuits and AI algorithms. He's responsible for top posts from the fields of artificial intelligence, engineering, computer science and podcasts.

Muhammad Zaeem Sindhu is presently enrolled as a medical student under The University Of Health Sciences, Lahore and working as the Director of Graphics Division, TDP, as well as an English blog writer for the FMU, Faisalabad. As a teenager, he was fondly interested in relativistic physics and thermodynamics, which remain a preoccupation to this day. Stargazing is something he relishes more than anything else when he has a heavy workload. He's covering the Clinical Research and Microbiology bundles.

Willow Schafer is a graduate student at the University of South Florida pursuing a degree in medical science. While primarily interested in infectious diseases, she has a wide range of interests both scientific and not. Outside of academia, she enjoys writing novels, painting, and trying to keep her garden from withering in the Florida heat.

Anisha Kalidindi is a molecular biology graduate student at The Ohio State University. She had a broad interest in studying the underlying molecular mechanisms that drive physiology and behaviour. For her thesis work, she is currently investigating the cellular mechanisms that govern the dysregulation of biological clocks in neurodegenerative diseases. She enjoys reading all things science and recently started writing at Massive Science. Anisha makes picks from the academic life bundle.

Solveig Lodge holds a Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Technology, Chemnitz, Germany. She then moved on to Uppsala, Sweden to complete a PhD in Materials Chemistry. During her time there she worked on new materials for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries. Later, she trained to be a Secondary Science teacher with a specialization in Chemistry and now works at Redbridge Community School in Southampton, England. When she is not inspiring the next generation of scientists she is blogging about a broad range of science topics on her blog A Tang of Science. Solveig is making picks from the Energy and Engineering bundles. You can follow her on Twitter @BoehmeSolveig.

Sara Musetti is pursuing her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill, where she focuses on developing new nanoparticle-based therapies for triple negative breast cancer. Out of her passion for sharing science, she co-founded OncoBites (@OncoBites) in April 2018. She now manages over 40 contributors to OncoBites, all eager to share their own corner of cancer research with the world. She has also taken part in outreach in schools across North Carolina through NC DNA Day and other opportunities to speak to potential scientists face to face. When not in the lab, you can find her in her garden, pulling various baked goods out of the oven, or binging dramatic media. Sara shares top posts in biotechnology, and can be found on Twitter @sara_musetti.

SiewMeng Liew is our Nutrition editor. She worked in the agricultural sector for many years as a laboratory analyst and researcher in Malaysia before pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of Alberta, working on developing bio-based flame-retardant polyol and polyurethane. She is passionate about communicating complex scientific ideas to a non-scientific audience in an engaging and comprehensible way through illustration.

Swathi Lingam did her Ph.D in Biochemistry at the University of Manchester, UK. She is currently a postdoctoral scientist at A*Star in Singapore, where she is developing cell therapy systems for age- related eye diseases. When she is not at the mercy of stem cells, she likes to read and travel. By participating in public engagement activities during her Ph.D, she discovered a passion for science communication, which led her to blogging. She writes about varied scientific developments and life in academia for The Very Curious Biochemist and ClubSciWri. She makes picks from our Microbiology bundle.

Jocelyn Solis-Moreira is a science editor with a Masters in Psychology with a focus in Behavioral Neuroscience. She currently works on the Editorial team for JNCCN 360 and the Journal of Clinical Oncology. She believes science shouldn't just be understood by scientists. With high rates of misinformation on the Internet, she writes about interesting and research-backed science news for non-scientists on sites like SciWorthy and Science Communicated Magazine. Jocelyn's science interests center on biology, environmental science, neuroscience, psychology, and cancer. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, trying out different coffees, and cuddling with her cat. Jocelyn is covering the picks for the Neuroscience and Public Health bundles. Connect with her via Twitter @JoSolisM

Deanna MacNeil is a cellular biologist who earned her PhD in Montreal, Canada. She makes Podcast picks for Scienceseeker. She has an endless curiosity about DNA ends (telomeres), and how telomeres are implicated in cellular aging. Beyond telomere research, Deanna describes herself as someone who loves learning about others’ scientific passions, with a multidisciplinary background ranging from chemistry to metacognition to microbiology. She has penchants for science puns and unironic enthusiasm, and in her spare time enjoys baking, yoga, playing Animal Crossing, reading, and D&D. You can connect with her on twitter @deehobs, or keep an eye out for her in the Massive Science Consortium.

Former Khorana Program for Scholars Fellow (the Ohio State University, USA), Nikhil Srivastava is currently a Junior Research Fellow at the Discipline of Bioengineering, Indian Institute of Technology-Gandhinagar, India. He is a master’s graduate in Zoology from the Banaras Hindu University, India. He has had a constant passion for writing science and scholarly articles since high school. University helped him explore and write about significant and diverse fields in life sciences. His articles have been published on major websites like biochemistry.org and WinStep Forward. He believes that science and literature go hand in hand, and should not be segregated while writing. Follow him on Medium and Twitter. Email: srivastava.nikhilATiitgn.ac.in, nikhilsr2ATgmail.com.

Shivangi Sachdeva did her masters in Medical Biotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. She was part of the team at McGraw-Hill responsible for developing a digital testing and learning platform for engineering and medical aspirants in India. She has been passionate about reading scientific news and telling people around it since her teenage years. This has led her to train herself in medical writing. She enjoys cooking and crafts in her free time. Shivangi makes picks for Biology bundle.


Jessica Perry Hekman, DVM, MS is the former Technical Director for ScienceSeeker. Jessica worked as a software engineer in online publishing for 12 years, helping transform print publications into digital versions. In 2007 she returned to school full time to earn her DVM and MS degrees, and got to see scientific publishing from the other side of the fence. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Illinois working in genomics and bioinformatics. Jessica blogs at The Dog Zombie.

Karyn Traphagen is the former Executive Director of ScienceOnline and remains in close contact with the ScienceSeeker team. While Karyn's background is in physics, she describes herself as a knowledge addict and is insatiably curious. She delights in highlighting the tiny treasures of the world that exist all around us (and which often go unnoticed in our busy lives). You can follow her @ktraphagen.

Gabriel Aponte is a former lead developer for ScienceSeeker. Since joining our team in 2011, he was been responsible for the vast majority of code running the site, and has also contributed several key design elements. His involvement with ScienceSeeker is driven by his interest in science and projects to improve the representation of science on the web.

Dave Munger, Founding Editor of ScienceSeeker, is a writer living in Davidson, North Carolina. Dave was the co-founder and editor of Research Blogging. He has also been a columnist for SeedMagazine.com and written several college writing textbooks. For five years, Dave was the primary writer for the psychology blog Cognitive Daily, which was chosen three times to appear in the Open Laboratory, an annual anthology of the top science blog posts on the web. It has appeared on numerous top ten lists including ranking seventh on Nature's 50 popular science blogs list. Dave is also an avid runner who has completed four marathons and co-owns a race timing company, Davidson Timing.

Past Contributors

Gaia Cantelli
Mark Hahnel
Chris Maden
Anton Zuiker

Past Editors
Rebecca Hall: managing editor (2019-2021)
Jesse Zondervan: Geosciences (2017-2021)
Aisha Schofield: ecology, environment and conservation bundles (2018-2020)
Mitali Adlakha: biotechnology, cell biology, law and clinical research bundles and our YouTube channel (2018-2020)
Natalie Holmes: science communication (2017-2020)
Emily Nauman: marine biology, oceanography, and plant science (2019 -2020)
Shriyaa Mittal: computer science, education and student life (2017-2020)
Alexia Weeks: nutrition (2018-2020)
Michael Ringenbach: public health (2016-2020)
Kayla Matz: cell biology and biotechnology (2017 -2020)
Sandra Franco: neuroscience (2019)
Ananya Sen: biology, evolution and education (2018-2019)
Sarah Wettstadt: instagram (2019)
Antanas Spokas: psychology and clinical psychology (2018-2019)
Teodora Stoica: neuroscience and climate science (2014-2019)
Peter Krautzberger: mathematics (2012-2019)
Anushka Khasnobish: microbiology (2017-2019) 
Beverly McClenaghan: environment and conservation (2017-2019)
Javier Carmona (2016-2018): Medicine
Amie Norton:education (2018)
Joana Neto: psychology and clinical psychology (2016-2018)
Jennifer Tsang: ecology and policy (2016-2018)
Dimitra Blana: biotechnology, health, medicine, artificial intelligence, career and grants (2016-2017)
Hamideh Emrani: cell biology (2016-2017)
Jimmy Brancho: science communication (2016-2017)
Julia Turan: cell biology, psychiatry and neuroscience (2016)
Rebecca Heisman: ecology, conservation, and the environment (2016)
Jordan Gaines Lewis: former Editor-in-Chief, biology, neuroscience, psychology, and health (2012-2016)
Caitlin Kirkwood: neuroscience, engineering, biology, medicine, health (2013-2016)
Shelly Xuelai Fan: neuroscience, nutrition (2013-2015)
Rachel Zamzow: neuroscience, academic life (2013-2015)
Janet Kwasniak: blog curator (2014-2015)
Jessie Hale: blog curator (2014-2015)
Dylan Benito: geology, climate science (2014-2015)
Rebecca Schwarzlose: neuroscience, psychology, academic life (2014)
Fletcher Halliday: biology, conservation, ecology, environment, evolution, microbiology (2013-2014)
Andrew Watt: medicine, neuroscience, and psychology (2013-2014)
Allie Wilkinson: biology, conservation, ecology, environmental sciences, evolution, marine biology, and geosciences (2013-2014)
Jason G. Goldman: Associate Editor (2013-2014)
Cristy Gelling: biology (2012-2014)
Sarah Chow: anthropology, biology, chemistry, ecology/conservation, health, medicine, and philosophy (2012-2013)
Matthew Francis: astronomy, physics (2012)