ScienceSeeker seeks a photo / image editor

ScienceSeeker has great content editors who select excellent posts and news items to feature on our home page. Now we would like to give the same treatment to the images that appear on our home page.

Many science blog posts and news articles have great images that go along with them, and we want to make sure more of them are featured on ScienceSeeker. The new volunteer editor's job would be to identify 5 or 6 images suitable for our home page each week. It only takes a minute to post a photo to ScienceSeeker, so this involves a minimal effort, but it will have a maximal impact.


  • An active online presence on a blog and / or social networking sites like Twitter, Google+, and FaceBook

  • We don’t require that our editors have PhDs, but the candidates we select will have demonstrated expertise via their blogging or other publication record.

  • An interest and engagement with visual images in science.

  • Enthusiasm for science

If you’re interested in the job, please email dsmunger@gmail.com with a paragraph or two about why you would like to be an editor, and provide a link to 2 or 3 of your own online posts about science that you feel show your interest in visual depictions of science and scientific informaiton. Link your social media feeds and other relevant sites, if any. You may attach or link to a curriculum vitae.

Editors are permanently listed on ScienceSeeker.org, so this position will make a great addition to your CV. We will select the new editor by October 15, 2012.

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