ScienceSeeker Continues Despite ScienceOnline Dissolution

The Board of Directors at ScienceOnline came to the difficult decision last week to cease operations and cancel the 2015 conference. The announcement was made last Thursday on the ScienceOnline blog. As many of you know, ScienceSeeker is a project of ScienceOnline; we've enjoyed their support and assistance and owe everything to their leadership over the years.

For now, ScienceSeeker operates as normal. Please continue to use our website, and visit us on Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, this blog for updates and weekly selections from our dedicated group of editors. Should any changes come about for ScienceSeeker over the next few weeks, we will certainly keep everyone up-to-date through all of our social media platforms. Do feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Thanks for your continued support!


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