How much does Westeros have in common with Earth? How does indigenous management of land improve upon modern methods? Find out in ScienceSeeker's picks of the best posts for the week of August 5 - August 11, 2019 #SciSeekPicks #SciComm.

In this week's best posts from the world of science news, explore how our inner narratives help or hinder us in our journey to understand the world, and find out more about 'Smart drugs', and if they are really too good to be true. Also new this week on ScienceSeeker - check out our physics editor, Thanassis Psaltis' post on the Origin of Gold, part of the Communicating Science workshop at the first annual ComSciCon workshop in Canada, ComSciConCAN. We hope to bring you more articles from the workshop in the future.

ScienceSeeker editors' favourite posts within their respective areas of interest and expertise also cover many other important and exciting topics. Why not have a read, inform yourself, and indulge your scientific curiosity?
Check back next week for more great picks!

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