Is it possible to travel faster than light? What's the likelihood of intelligence beyond Earth? Find out in ScienceSeeker's picks of the best posts for the week of May 18 - 24 2020 #SciSeekPicks #SciComm.

In this week's cream-of-the-crop from science journalism around the world, explore the increasingly urgent issues surrounding video surveillance and facial recognition, and discover the ancient Australian megafauna that once roamed the smallest continent. ScienceSeeker editors' favourite posts within their respective areas of interest and expertise also cover many other important and exciting topics. Why not have a read, inform yourself, and indulge your scientific curiosity?
If quantum theory is fundamental, the problem with travelling faster than light is the teensy issue of destroying the universe with negative energy. The answer could be wormholes.
Credit: Jason Brennan via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
2.5m tall kangaroos, giant lizards and 7m long freshwater crocodiles - Australia's wildlife used to be even more unique than it is today.
Credit: R Bargiel, V Konstantinov, A Atuchin and S Hocknull (2020), Queensland Museum
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