How far away is quantum internet? How should we decide who gets a Covid-19 vaccine first? Find out in ScienceSeeker's picks of the best posts for the week of August 31 - September 6 2020 #SciSeekPicks #SciComm.

In this week's bumper edition of the very best on what's happening in science around the world, find out how implementing indigenous wisdom could have helped to prevent the coronavirus, and find out just how pseudoscientists get away with spreading misinformation. ScienceSeeker editors' favourite posts within their respective areas of interest and expertise also cover many other important and exciting topics. Why not have a read, inform yourself, and indulge your scientific curiosity?
The development of quantum networks has been hard going, but scientists have demonstrated a new model that connects users 8km away.
Credit: IBM Research via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)
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